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F1 2022 teammate comparisons part 1

December 19, 2022 at 15:53

With the last race of the 2022 season a couple of weeks behind us, it’s time to compare the drivers with their teammates. In the end you can only really compare drivers, who simply drive the same car during the same races.


Alexander Albon returned in the beginning of 2022 to Formula 1 after a year of absence. How did Alex compare to his teammate Nicholas Latifi who, as we now know, has driven his last F1 season for the time being. If we take a look at the stats, Albon clearly scored better this season. In 16 races Alex finished higher compared to the 4 races for Nicholas, in qualifying the difference was even bigger, with 19 vs 2 in favour of Albon.

The other stats look a bit closer together, Alexander finished 19th this season compared to 20th place for his teammate. Latifi scored a total of 2 points during the 2022 season, while Albon had double the amount. For both Williams drivers their best finish position during a race was 9th. In qualifying the best position Alexander reached was 9th, Latifi best position was 10th.

© photo: Lukas Raich - CC BY-SA 4.0


Next up are the teammates from the team finishing 9th in the constructor championship, AlphaTauri. If we look at all the stats there is a clear winner. Pierre Gasly scored almost double the amount of points than his teammate Yuki Tsunoda and finished 3 positions higher in the driver championship. If we compare them directly in qualifying and the race it’s, 13 to 9 and 14 to 8 respectively in favour of the driver from France.

We see the same thing if we look at the best results for both drivers. Gasly’ best result in the race was a 5th place during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Tsunoda’ best result was at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, he finished 7th in Italy. During qualifying Pierre’ best result was 6th and 8th as a best result for the driver from Japan. Next season Gasly moves to Alpine and Tsunoda will get Nyck de Vries as his teammate.

© photo: Lukas Raich - CC BY-SA 4.0


While comparing the Haas drivers we see something strange. Where Kevin Magnussen is the winner looking at most of the stats, his teammate Mick Schumacher beat him in direct comparison in the races. In 13 races the German driver finished higher than his teammate from Denmark. Despite this fact Magnussen was able to score more than double the points as his teammate and finished 3 places higher in the championship in 13th.

In qualifying Kevin had way better results compared to Mick. We all remember the pole position for Magnussen for the Brazilian Grand Prix. The best result for Schumacher during qualifying was a 6th place in Canada. The best result during a race was 5th for Kevin and 6th for Schumacher.

© photo: Lukas Raich - CC BY-SA 4.0

Aston Martin

While missing the first two races due to COVID, Sebastian Vettel still scored more than twice as many points as his teammate Lance Stroll did. In the races they both participated in, Vettel finished higher in 10 races and Stroll in 9 races. Qualifying during the season was a little more in favour of Sebastian; he qualified higher during 12 race weekends and Lance during 7 weekends.

Both Aston Martin drivers had with a 6th place their best result of the season. Vettel finished 6th during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the Japanese Grand Prix. Stroll scored his 6th place during the Singapore Grand Prix. If we compare the qualification results of both driver, Lance Stroll had the team's best result with a 7th place.

© photo: Lukas Raich - CC BY-SA 4.0

Alfa Romeo

Two new drivers this season for Alfa Romeo. Valtteri Bottas came over from Mercedes and Guanyu Zhou is a rookie F1 driver, driving last year in Formula 2. With his experience driving in Formula 1, Bottas had no troubles with his new teammate. The driver from Finland scored a total of 49 points and finished in 10th place in the world championship. His teammate was in 18th place with a total of 6 points.

Valtteri was also the best driver if we take a look at the best race and qualifying results, during the Emilia Romagna Grand he finished in 5th place. The Canadian Grand Prix was the race where the driver from China took his best result, an 8th place.

© photo: Jen Ross - CC BY 2.0

Next week we’ll continue with the other 5 teams.